Available Assets from NEF

NEF represents a variety of network assets for sale, lease or swap across the U.S., including dark fiber, inner-duct and conduit systems. The available assets are constantly updated, and NEF specializes in matching interested buyers with network owners. See current listings.

Joint Build Opportunities

NEF can facilitate joint build opportunities in a variety of metro areas including Ft. Worth and San Antonio, TX; San Bernardino, CA; Lynchburg, VA; Bend, OR; Butte, MT; Spokane, WA/Coeur D’Alene, ID and more.

Request quarterly updates of available assets or speak with a the NEF network asset team today about your unique requirements.

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More Network Solutions

Dark Fiber

Dark fiber is best suited for customers with high bandwidth requirements running applications that may be latency-sensitive. Collaborate with an impartial resource like NEF to tailor a dark fiber network, ensuring alignment with current and future business goals.


Feasibility studies that take into account current and future business requirements are essential before any large IT investment. Leverage NEF's industry expertise to empower your business with feasibility studies that provide insight into which IT solution best serves business objectives.


People and end-user experiences are trumping technology as an area of focus for IT teams. Taking advantage of new connectivity opportunities to augment or replace existing networks to fully empower user bases and maximize performance.