Flexible Connectivity Solutions

Given the rate of change across the IT industry and the number of variables networks have to account for, companies need to understand their bandwidth options – especially those moving locations or expanding rapidly. In many cases, this challenges companies to identify potential solutions, vet carriers and source quotes in a short space of time – a task that often falls to overworked internal IT staff. As a result, enterprises risk investing in a bandwidth solution that doesn’t align with network requirements or one that locks them into a poor contract.

Selecting a bandwidth solution that offers flexibility and reduces the management burden on IT means managed or “lit” services are often a viable option. The right lit service partner provides the requisite bandwidth and handles all the day-to-day management activities associated with network upkeep.

For many enterprises, the process of identifying carriers and sourcing quotes is complicated by a narrow view of solutions. This compounds the risk of investing in an ill-fit solution, a risk factor that can be mitigated by working with a carrier-neutral advisor who understands network requirements and knows the market.

How NEF Can Help

By working with NEF, enterprises benefit from getting a clear picture of their bandwidth options. Rather than only pulling information and quotes from well-known national or local exchange carriers, NEF works with non-standard fiber providers like utility companies and small regional players. Once the right fiber providers are identified, NEF’s team narrows down the list to carriers that offer the lit services right for the business, including…

  • Ethernet WANs
  • WDM metro networks
  • Long-haul WDM networks
  • MPLS networks
  • OCx transport networks

As you’re adding service or growing into new locations, contact an NEF connectivity specialist to discuss your bandwidth requirements.

Talk With NEF About Managed “Lit” Services

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