Not a Simple Task

While choosing space and power may seem like a straightforward selection exercise, there are several factors that impact a company’s colocation infrastructure from specialized power-intensive equipment to governance restrictions to connectivity requirements.  It’s these types of complexities that often add time and difficulty to the data center evaluation process. Data center site selection becomes even more onerous as clients wade through voluminous data sheets and tech jargon to ensure they’re getting an even comparison of options.

How NEF Can Help

NEF provides tailored data center evaluations and site selection advisement services from initial requirement mapping and vendor assessments all the way to installation management and fiber connectivity. NEF can evaluate providers and compare options to pair businesses with the right data center, regardless of space and power requirements. NEF conducts research, vets providers and performs a relative cost-analysis, which allows IT teams to focus in-house resources on higher priority enablement initiatives. Additionally, NEF leverages strong relationships to knit together the right solution that offers the best investment value over time.

As you’re considering space and power, whether for a primary data center or a secondary site, consider leveraging a provider-neutral resource like NEF to evaluate, plan and design your next project. Talk with us today.

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