Focus on the End-User

In today's evolving IT landscape, companies are increasingly focused on delivering a user-centric network experience. Performance hubs deliver this experience by taking a centralized data center and putting relevant applications, information and content closer to the end-user. Performance hubs act as an extension to private networks, often combining elements of private, public, cloud and legacy connectivity to deliver a consistent end-user experience.


of IT teams are offering a self-service portal for access to cloud services. (Forbes)


of enterprises run less than a fifth of their application portfolio in the cloud. (Forbes)

How NEF Can Help

Companies are increasingly focused on how they can best connect to the cloud and harness all of its value. With cloud connectivity solutions from NEF, clients can leverage the right network options to help unlock the potential of their enterprise cloud infrastructure. Armed with an understanding of their connectivity options and how they impact users, companies can approach the network planning process with the insights and data to make smarter IT investments.

Shifting to the cloud is a major focus for many enterprise IT teams, and the connectivity component is an important consideration. Talk with NEF about how to connect your cloud infrastructure today.

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