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Household names like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud can be great options for cloud services, but there are several other viable provider options that deliver scalable, flexible cloud environments and affordable services. From business applications to hosting and development to storage and archiving, leveraging the public cloud offers several advantages to today's enterprise.

How NEF Can Help

NEF's unique position as an IT infrastructure advisor gives clients the chance to knit together their on-premise environments with their data center and cloud installations. In addition to designing and evaluation options for public cloud services, NEF utilizes vast data stores to locate cloud access points to ensure companies experience minimal latency when connecting to the cloud and get direct access to cloud where necessary.

While deploying public cloud options is a fairly simple exercise, involving an experienced advisor like NEF can ensure your enterprise cloud is built to scale and perform over the long-term. NEF can also provide initial assessments and vendor ratings.

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Private Cloud

Private clouds deliver the benefits of public cloud services but layer the added security and control of a proprietary architecture. Private cloud infrastructure can be designed and managed to fit the needs of the business and deliver all the advantages. . .

Hybrid Cloud

The cloud enables a new level of scalability and flexibility in IT environments. Understanding how the cloud can benefit an enterprise based on specific business objectives requires in-depth knowledge of cloud infrastructure from concept and planning to design.

Cloud Connectivity

Shifting to the cloud is a major focus for many enterprise IT teams, and the connectivity component is an important consideration. Learn more about the cloud connectivity options that best align budgetary and network requirements.