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For some companies and carriers, infrastructure procurement is an ongoing need and an area where an experienced third party resource can provide tremendous value. Through continually updated data stores, efficient processes  and niche expertise, a third party procurement as a service option enables teams to focus on core competencies and more pressing priorities while leaving the infrastructure planning, contracts and installation to a specialized resource.

Pinching pennies on proper infrastructure and management procedures will cost you dearly in the long run. 
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How NEF Can Help

Procurement as a service solutions can be tailored to the company to align with internal rules and processes and follow the same workflows and expectations as in-house procurement. With NEF's procurement as a service offering, clients can choose their level of service, get an assigned NEF point of contact and establish the process that fits their needs. From initial pricing and options to complete installation management, NEF's procurement as a service model is a comprehensive suite of solutions designed specifically for high-volume transactions.

Find out more about how NEF's procurement solutions can support your organization's infrastructure projects.  Contact us today.



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Working with multiple vendors on a project like this is not easy, and we were fortunate to have a tenacious resource like NEF to pull the parts together, cut through the red tape and complete the project.

Black Duck Software

I was highly impressed with the level of detail and analysis as well as the expertise demonstrated in the Connectivity Report. We are using it to help us make a major budget decision, and the information and maps were illuminating on many levels. Well worth the spend to get the data.

Cushman & Wakefield

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