Experience Is Key

While managing IT contracts may seem like a blocking and tackling exercise, getting the most favorable terms can have a significant impact on the scalability and ROI of a company’s infrastructure. In order to make wise IT investments that address the needs of today and the future, knowing the best practices of contract negotiations is essential.

Procurement, and contract negotiations in particular,  is a nuanced exercise and one that involves continual learning. As such, the more experience and exposure a company has to contracts, whether basic terms and conditions or more sweeping master services agreements, the better equipped that company is to establish optimal contract structures. It’s precisely that lack of specific contract experience that often leads enterprises to work with experienced industry advisors to craft the right terms for their infrastructure at the right price.

How NEF Can Help

NEF has reviewed and negotiated thousands of contracts for clients, which enables them to understand the intricacies of infrastructure agreements as well as gives them the ability to develop creative terms and structures to benefit clients and providers. Armed with substantial knowledge of providers and niche expertise in solution design, NEF can negotiate terms that align budgetary requirements with business objectives.

To learn more about how NEF can augment your infrastructure contract review process, talk with us today.



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Working with multiple vendors on a project like this is not easy, and we were fortunate to have a tenacious resource like NEF to pull the parts together, cut through the red tape and complete the project.

Black Duck Software

NEF is the real deal. I was more than impressed with the real world presentation they gave to us and level of detail and knowledge they had on the physical spaces and how the fiber runs…They’ve been a bright spot in getting this data center up and running.

EDF Energy Services

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