Today’s enterprises have the opportunity leverage their IT departments in a much more active way. A focused IT team introduces a sizable competitive advantage and gives organizations key differentiation in technology no matter the industry vertical. Careful IT infrastructure planning, design, procurement and deployment can provide the greatest edge of all. Unlocking the potential of smarter, more strategic IT starts by empowering teams with the resources and processes that enable them to be the internal service provider their organizations and end-users demand.

Based on a holistic view of IT infrastructure, NEF’s process starts with people rather than focusing solely on technology. By understanding the needs of end users, whether internal or external, IT infrastructure projects can be designed to perform at a practical level, deliver the desired returns and better adapt to future needs.

NEF’s advisement also relies on the most up to date data and resources in the industry to drive better investments when it comes to optimizing infrastructure. The process is powered by FiberLocator research spanning street-level carrier data and hundreds of lit buildings, data center and colocation sites.

NEF combines smart, savvy, well-connected professionals and best-of-breed tools and data — and gives clients the flexibility to choose the delivery method.

NEF gives clients the ability to tailor services to best suit their business goals and personnel/team needs. Clients can choose the optimal NEF solution based on a number of factors including…

  • IT Infrastructure Goals — whether organizations are driven by controlling costs, increasing bandwidth, ensuring regulatory compliance or all of the above, NEF starts with specific needs and works to implement the best cloud, data center and telecom solution.
  • Team & Resources — NEF can provide niche expertise where clients need it or be an invaluable “extra pair of hands” to do research, gather pricing, qualify vendors, compare options, negotiate terms and more.
  • Budget — NEF’s relationships with cloud providers, carriers and data centers as well as the enormous IT spending power enables clients to get preferred pricing and terms for most projects.
  • Timing — while most sizable IT projects are given ample time, some have an expedited timeline or external event pushing the deadline. NEFhas the know-how and provider contacts to deploy cloud, telecom or data center solutions quickly.

NEF’s process has been developed and optimized over thousands of projects ranging from single circuits to advanced infrastructure, complex networks and multiple data center sites. Talk with us today about your upcoming project to see what NEF can do you for you.

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Working with multiple vendors on a project like this is not easy, and we were fortunate to have a tenacious resource like NEF to pull the parts together, cut through the red tape and complete the project.

Black Duck Software

NEF is a trusted partner for Skybox as we examine new expansion opportunities.  No matter the market or location, we know that NEF has the resources and expertise to meet our key objectives in a timely manner.

Skybox Datacenters

I was highly impressed with the level of detail and analysis as well as the expertise demonstrated in the Connectivity Report. We are using it to help us make a major budget decision, and the information and maps were illuminating on many levels. Well worth the spend to get the data.

Cushman & Wakefield

NEF is the real deal. I was more than impressed with the real world presentation they gave to us and level of detail and knowledge they had on the physical spaces and how the fiber runs…They’ve been a bright spot in getting this data center up and running.

EDF Energy Services

Didja operates a hybrid cloud (AWS and a multi-city data center ops) to support millions of consumer operations for TV Apps. NEF designed a completely diverse network for us and helped establish a Border Gateway Protocol for network failover, ensuring 100% uptime. We look forward to continuing to work with NEF as we expand into additional markets, delivering content closer to our end users over a low-latency, failsafe connection.

Didja, Inc.