Holistic infrastructure planning is critical to ensuring network design, procurement and deployment meet end requirements. Not only will diligent planning backed by the right data and research yield more efficient and cost-effective installations, but it will also lead to better long-term performance and higher returns.

Planning for IT infrastructure projects takes shape in a variety of ways. From initial auditing and assessment to research and analysis, IT teams need data and insights before designing and deploying cloud, network and colocation projects. Successful planning goes beyond research and the numbers. In a market saturated with vendors and fast-evolving solutions, companies need the perspective to evaluate their existing network and future requirements objectively.

Backed by decades of experience and the most up-to-date research, NEF supplies provider-neutral, third-party advisement to drive even the most sophisticated IT infrastructure projects.

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Companies can benefit greatly from an objective perspective regarding which assets, vendors and solutions will best align with business objectives. By utilizing a niche third-party data and analysis resource, companies can take a holistic, unbiased approach to infrastructure research.


Feasibility studies that take into account current and future business requirements are essential before any large IT investment. Leverage NEF’s industry expertise to empower your business with feasibility studies that provide insight into which IT solution best serves business objectives.


In an age where the budgets are stretched thin while data demands and requirements continue to grow, having a careful review of existing IT infrastructure investments is vital to maximizing performance and managing costs. Companies that understand the current state of their networks, cloud options, data center sites and equipment are better prepared to maximize ROI before making future decisions.


Meeting the demand of today’s user-centric requirements presents IT teams with myriad new considerations. Harnessing the potential of various IT solutions requires a holistic assessment to align current environments and future business requirements.

4 Essentials to Network Planning

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Working with multiple vendors on a project like this is not easy, and we were fortunate to have a tenacious resource like NEF to pull the parts together, cut through the red tape and complete the project.

Black Duck Software

NEF is the real deal. I was more than impressed with the real world presentation they gave to us and level of detail and knowledge they had on the physical spaces and how the fiber runs…They’ve been a bright spot in getting this data center up and running.

EDF Energy Services

NEF is a trusted partner for Skybox as we examine new expansion opportunities.  No matter the market or location, we know that NEF has the resources and expertise to meet our key objectives in a timely manner.

Skybox Datacenters

Didja operates a hybrid cloud (AWS and a multi-city data center ops) to support millions of consumer operations for TV Apps. NEF designed a completely diverse network for us and helped establish a Border Gateway Protocol for network failover, ensuring 100% uptime. We look forward to continuing to work with NEF as we expand into additional markets, delivering content closer to our end users over a low-latency, failsafe connection.

Didja, Inc.

I was highly impressed with the level of detail and analysis as well as the expertise demonstrated in the Connectivity Report. We are using it to help us make a major budget decision, and the information and maps were illuminating on many levels. Well worth the spend to get the data.

Cushman & Wakefield

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