While telecom may be a complex industry, it doesn’t have to be confusing. By utilizing NEF’s detailed optical fiber maps and telecom consulting services, companies can access organized info on hundreds of on-net buildings and related facilities-based carriers.

What NEF Can Do

Through our network database, we’ve cataloged and verified thousands of optical fiber routes and data center positions. We can give our clients comprehensive optic fiber maps, intelligence and other report information specific to your requirements.

Contact us today to see how an optical fiber map overview or other custom report can give clients the intelligence, network maps and provider info necessary to create your telecom network.

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A optic fiber maps specialist can work with you to create a fiber line chart based on our many data points. Using your needs to guide our inquiry, we can configure the many map variables – such as scale, layers and tool options – to deliver the most telling fiber information.

  • Create optic fiber maps at almost any location in the United States or the world.
  • Get info on where metro and long-haul optic routes are present.
  • Identify service providers at any location.
  • Analyze existing optical fiber routes in order to make the best network determinations.

bookCustom Reports & Professional Services

Get optic fiber maps, telecom data and other researched info from our skilled engineering department – a group of professionals who conduct greenfield research, create site feasibility studies or craft connectivity reports. Our team’s decades of experience and strong provider relationships will help ease any potential problems of implementation projects.

  • Utilize optical fiber maps, carrier pricing and service information on a single network map.
  • Gauge the requirements of extensive build-outs.
  • Save time on identifying carriers and their offerings.
  • Carrier-neutral assessments allow more rational choice of provider offerings.

Data Resources

With a proprietary database run by our subsidiary, FiberLocator, NEF can identify, organize and offer optical fiber maps and other telecom information to assist clients in determining the options for connectivity. Our optic fiber maps can be overlaid with data center locations, and our optical fiber professionals can craft network feasibility and connectivity reports to help your business address its connectivity needs.

Metro and Long-Haul Network Routes

  • Both metro and long-haul networks routes are represented by our optic fiber maps.
  • Identify patterns in fiber optics network traffic in order to determine overlooked areas that need only minimal build-out construction.
  • Analyze both lit and unlit optic fiber paths.
  • Receive optic fiber path data on over 297 carriers.

Data Centers and On-Net Buildings

  • Evaluate over 3,000 lit buildings and other on-net structures such as carrier hotels, points of presence (POPs), central offices and data centers.
  • Review the relationships between on-net building and optic fiber routes with map overlays.
  • Identify the connectivity of your business site.
  • Assess whether an on-net building can fulfill the needs of your business by working with an NEF optic fiber professional.

If a connectivity map or expansive optic fiber report is necessary for your business’s network planning or procurement success, NEF has the solution and the data for your business. Complete the form to the right to get an optical fiber map, and talk with us today about the telecom solutions your business may need.

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