Law Firm

Background & Business Challenge
A Boston law firm came to NEF wanting to connect an in-house data facility to an off-site data center with high-capacity bandwidth. The law firm, headquartered in Boston, Mass., has six offices nationwide employing over 1,800 people from east coast to west coast. The firm needed high-speed data communications capability between their corporate headquarters and off-site data center facility both located in Boston, Mass. The connectivity needed to be reliable, scalable and cost-effective.

Network Solution
NEF sourced a cost-effective dark fiber solution for the firm. With access to numerous dark fiber networks in the Boston and Greater Boston area, NEF was able to secure the lease to existing fiber that allowed the firm to be operational with its dark fiber connection in 30 days. The use of existing fiber virtually eliminated the cost and time required to construct new lateral connections.

The dark fiber option saves money over traditional lit services. With dark fiber’s nearly unlimited bandwidth at a fixed cost, data needs can grow without paying for additional bandwidth from a lit service provider. As capacity needs grow, the termination equipment can be changed to meet new demands without having to pay additional monthly costs.

Reliability was an important consideration as well. Leasing dark fiber allows the customer to control the electronics used to provide the connection. There is never the need to wait for a service provider to resolve a problem. All maintenance and repairs, with the exception of restoring a physical break in the fiber, can be handled by the end user.

Final Results

  • 10 Gb connectivity at the price of a DS3
  • Ability to run multiple systems across a common infrastructure
  • Unlimited upgrade capability
  • Low cost, high reliability solution

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