More Than a Point-to-Point Connection

Multi-site infrastructure requires a much greater degree of planning and design than a simple point-to-point connection. Taking into account disparate geographic locations, user groups and applications, and connectivity options demands a level of knowledge, expertise and data beyond the in-house capabilities of many organizations.

Through the course of researching, assessing and managing several complex multi-site and multi-national projects, NEF's analysts have developed a comprehensive process for evaluating infrastructure and making technology recommendations. After starting with detailed requirements in the planning stage, NEF then performs research, vets providers and assembles a network design that meets the business objectives and serves end users around the world.

Areas Where Network Speed Matters


Financial Services

Database Apps & Storage

Content Providers

Wireless & DAS Providers

Social Media

Online Gaming & MMOGs


Business Intelligence

NEF's multi-site network planning deliverables include detailed reports, maps and KMZ files, network diagrams, pricing tables and more. Talk with an analyst at NEF to learn more about our comprehensive multi-site network services today.

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NEF is the real deal. I was more than impressed with the real world presentation they gave to us and level of detail and knowledge they had on the physical spaces and how the fiber runs…They’ve been a bright spot in getting this data center up and running.

EDF Energy Services

I was highly impressed with the level of detail and analysis as well as the expertise demonstrated in the Connectivity Report. We are using it to help us make a major budget decision, and the information and maps were illuminating on many levels. Well worth the spend to get the data.

Cushman & Wakefield

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