Understanding the Physical Layer of the Network

Diversity can mean various things in network design, and understanding the nuances of diversity can make the difference in meeting a requirement and missing a key element of a network. To design a diverse network, IT teams need access to the right data on underlying providers, specific routes as well as detailed information on network ingress and egress. With the right data and research in the design phase, companies can ensure their diversity requirements are met.

There are three types of diversity:

  • Physical diversity
  • Path diversity
  • Provider diversity

Some assume that by procuring connectivity from two different providers, they have met the requirement of diversity. However, utilizing different providers doesn't always mean a diverse network, as carriers often share the same facilities and pathways to deliver services. The key to achieving true network diversity is understanding the physical layer of the network, from where it's routed to where in a building the network enters and exits and ultimately connects to the end user.

At NEF, we always want to get a really good understanding from the application down. What is it that is actually occurring? Is a client moving information from the headquarters to a data center, data center to data center? Those are very important things to consider because there are various different types of network elements that you're going to utilize in each situation.

John Pomposello, Vice President, NEF

NEF provides companies with the data and insight that allows them to properly create diverse networks. With years of experience over hundreds of similar projects, NEF can design robust networks that address both governance and performance requirements for diversity.

Talk with an NEF connectivity advisor today to discuss your network requirements or confirm the diversity of your mission critical network.


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NEF is the real deal. I was more than impressed with the real world presentation they gave to us and level of detail and knowledge they had on the physical spaces and how the fiber runs…They’ve been a bright spot in getting this data center up and running.

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