White Paper: Your Resource for Everything Dark Fiber


Many IT professionals are familiar with dark fiber but may not fully understand how a private optical network can be used to improve their network connectivity. Hospitals, universities and tech companies are turning to dark fiber more than ever before, but there are other organizations that can realize the considerable benefits of dark fiber as well. Key considerations are the cost savings over lit services, virtually unlimited bandwidth, flexibility and scalability.

In Dark Fiber 101: An Informational Resource, you'll find information, examples and answers to questions you may have about this increasingly useful and cost-efficient resource. Inside this guide, you will find...

  • Case Studies
  • Dark Fiber's Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Types of Providers
  • Fiber Characteristics
  • The Accounting Impact of Fiber Lease vs. IRU

Read this informational resource and learn how dark fiber may meet your business needs. Just tell us a little more about you.

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