Topic: NEF and Viasat Discuss Satellites for Business Applications

Guests: NEF CEO, Mike Murphy and Viasat National Sales Director, Eric Stark

Have we been thinking about satellite-based connectivity all wrong? Eric Stark of Viasat sets the record straight in our latest podcast, talking about how satellites can be a great primary connectivity choice for businesses in hard-to-reach areas, or be used as a back-up continuity solution for any business, in any location.

Stark highlights how using high-capacity geosynchronous (geo) satellites, businesses can enjoy high-speed, high-quality internet with no data caps. And while some may say latency could still be a factor, companies like Viasat are overcoming these challenges with new technologies that enable satellite-based internet to be used for VoIP, SD-WAN and other commonly used business cloud apps.  Listen to the interview.

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