Topic: NEF and RapidScale Discuss the Cloud Marketplace

Guests: NEF CEO, Mike Murphy and RapidScale Co-Founder & CEO, Randy Jeter

The platform cloud marketplace is still, by most accounts, in its infancy. There’s a maturation process currently going on, but we’re still a few years away.

In an age where everything is driven by mobile applications, network performance is effectively measured by end user experience, not technical performance stats. Performance metrics aren’t as tangible as they used to be, and from that, new challenges that an enterprise IT manager must face are rising.

The ability to increase performance and reduce latency of applications is a huge driver to moving to the cloud. But converting to the cloud to address these concerns can be difficult to do while staying within your budget.

In this episode of Telecom Talk, Mike and Randy break down these challenges in detail and discuss how to execute a cloud migration with these challenges and more in mind.

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