Utilize Virtualization

NEF partner, Hosted Solutions, is hosting a virtualization event that will address how SaaS companies can utilize virtualization to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.

This event is aimed at IT professionals, network managers, risk assessment managers and anyone involved with business continuity and disaster recovery planning. The goal is to provide an overview of why virtualization is important for business continuity and disaster recovery, while also explaining how someone would create a highly effective disaster recovery plan using virtualization.


The event will also outline several companies and their contribution to virtualization. For example, Hosted Solutions provides space and managed services, ICI provides VMware and other components to virtualize and NEF and Ciena provide the network and gear to connect the key sites.






October 30th, 2008

6pm to 9pm


Hyatt Regency Cambridge

575 Memorial Drive Cambridge

MA 02139

ph. 617.492.1234

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