Collaboration has been a cornerstone of NEF's success over the past decade, including a wide variety of strategic partnerships. NEF works with numerous complementary organizations including carriers, cloud  and data center providers, equipment VARS, consultants, sub-agents and more. Together, these integrated infrastructure solutions deliver tremendous value to the end user. NEF can serve as an extended team of trusted professionals and can offer services and solutions spanning planning, design, procurement and installation management in conjunction with partner solutions or as a stand-alone option.

Carrier Relationships

SD-WAN Relationships

UCaaS Relationships

Data Center Relationships

Cloud Relationships

Niche Expertise

NEF’s niche is high bandwidth fiber networks, cloud environments and data center services. This narrow focus on IT infrastructure enables NEF to maintain a high level of expertise as well as close relationships with providers. By concentrating on a few key areas of IT, NEF is able to translate knowledge, expertise and relationships into tangible benefits for partners and their clients through access to analysts, attentive service, creative deal structures and the most competitive pricing available.

What’s more, partnering with NEF is easy. NEF's partner programs are built on sales enablement best practices and include everything partners need to work with NEF and get results. From training to marketing to a dedicated team, partners get all the tools, collateral, and support they need to partner with NEF. In addition, partners benefit from aggressive comp plans and direct access to provider contacts to streamline pricing and sales engineering.

Consider supplementing your existing solution set by collaborating with NEF. Tell us what we can do for you today!