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NEF leads the way with dark fiber mapping through an innovative database called FiberLocator®. FiberLocator compiles telecom research data that’s difficult to find all in one place. Representing hundreds of carriers and thousands of buildings, FiberLocator saves considerable time hunting for information from multiple providers and serves as a vital research and planning tool for any telecom or data center project.

Work with our dark fiber maps specialists to receive a map with fiber routes based on your specifications. Choose the scale, layers and options such as radius and distance measurements.

  • Capture dark fiber maps from any distance at nearly any location across the United States
  • See where metro and long-haul dark fiber routes connect
  • Determine which carriers can service your location of interest
  • Compare provide dark fiber routes and making well-informed networking decisions

Sourcing simple point-to-point dark fiber can be a straightforward exercise, but designing a complex dark fiber network with multiple locations and requirements often calls for a specialized resource. Knitting together multiple fiber providers and network segments means researching available dark fiber providers, gathering network designs and price quotes from disparate carriers, and aligning each carrier’s information to meet the end requirements. A key benefit to working with a third party network design and planning resource is getting a carrier-neutral design with an end-to-end network built to suit.

Careful planning and design exercises are vital to optimal, scalable high bandwidth networks and colocation projects. At NEF, our network design services are led by veterans in the industry with decades of experience, deep hands-on expertise and close ties to the providers themselves. Whether your network design needs include adding circuits, increasing bandwidth, creating diversity, selecting data center sites or implementing BC/DR, NEF is the go-to source for network planning and design. More than obvious point A to point B routes, our network design services encompass key elements of the planning process that go far beyond the obvious

Do you need a map of dark fiber carriers to complete a pricing and service analysis of providers? NEF not only compiles a visual dark fiber map of providers, we can even recommend the best carriers for a certain route. NEF can also include options from carriers that don’t publish dark fiber availability.

In fact, NEF has developed a wide range of industry relationships from the exec suite to the planning desk. These connections allow the NEF team to have insider access to information and be able to assess a provider’s true strengths and match for client requirements. NEF can also offer troubleshooting and escalation support to enterprises – all from a carrier-neutral perspective.

When you submit a pricing request, NEF keep the process simple. We follow up with a quick call to confirm the details and begin our research. We then work with carriers to create budgetary estimates, comparing and contrasting their pricing and service information. Our team also goes back-and-forth with telecom providers to find the best alternatives, contract terms and pricing for the client’s network. As the client, you are kept informed along the way and can make decisions with a full list of options and considerations.

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Network Planning

Looking for dark fiber by a specific area or region? Need to compare providers and determine options such as diverse carriers? Want fast deployment and lowest cost dark fiber solutions? NEF has the information you need whether you’re a network planner, solution architect, business intelligence analyst or other industry professional.

Rather than rely on search engines and only a few vendors they may know, IT professionals are turning to NEF to research, plan, design and deploy high capacity optical networks as well as data centers.

Just what can NEF do for the enterprise? Find out here.

See how NEF’s planning services can help right-size bandwidth and restructure underutilized network segments.

Get a single map snapshot of dark fiber at your location.

Dark Fiber Map

When you just need a quick view of dark fiber networks, data centers, or lit buildings in a specific area, a single dark fiber map is your answer. Dark fiber maps are perfect when you need to look up routes or when you are early in a project – perhaps pitching it to other stakeholders.

  • An experienced NEF analyst will prepare a map at your request.
  • Choose the view you want: your single view can be street level to regional.
  • You’ll receive an output of maps in a PDF or PNG file format via email the same day.
  • You have the option to work with NEF on pricing requests and network design.

Map-Enhanced Reports

Receive data, dark fiber maps and well-researched information from our experienced team of field engineers and analysts for a greenfield search, site feasibility study or connectivity report. Take advantage of our decades of experience and strong provider relationships on your next project.

  • Review dark fiber maps and carrier pricing and service information simultaneously.
  • Assess required build-outs and site connectivity.
  • Cut down on the time you spend researching carriers and offerings.
  • Leverage the work of fiber optics consultants with decades of experience to meet your business needs.
  • Receive carrier-neutral assessments of provider offerings.

Read about how NEF’s Connectivity Reports leverage comprehensive research tools to identify carrier strengths and accessibility.

FiberLocator Testimonials

From both a pricing and utility standpoint, FiberLocator is a no-brainer. Not only does it save us a huge amount of time, but the database has opened us up to many new niche markets and vendors in those markets.

Priscilla Rivas, Director, Wholesale and Carrier Sales NTS Communications

OK. I’m addicted to your tool. It’s great. Is it perfect? No. However, I don’t know how others do their job without it. I just wanted to thank you and your team.

I sincerely appreciate it.

Rob Butler, Crossvergence

At Global Communication Networks, knowledge and strategy is key when doing projects for the worlds largest companies. FiberLocator has been the best tool we have to show us where the On Net and “Close Net” fiber is. We have won several new customers by building in the “Close Net” carriers for redundancy purposes.

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