Given the sizable investment of high bandwidth networks, dark fiber and data centers, enterprises can’t afford to be under-informed or misinformed.  With NEF’s proprietary tools and data, clients can get detailed maps, reports and intelligence for their large-scale infrastructure projects. FiberLocator’s colocation and fiber optic data product suite sheds light on important aspects of high capacity optical fiber networks and carriers as well as data center installations and related connectivity. As companies research telecom networks, consider feasibility of a data center site or connectivity; or simply want more descriptive information to maximize the telecom/data center investment, FiberLocator data identifies optimal solutions and can save millions by avoiding the wrong choice.

Power of Choice

FiberLocator is available in a number of formats including…

  • FiberLocator Online – access fiber optic maps from hundreds of carriers (standard and non-standard providers) and search lit buildings and colocation data all from an easy-to-use online portal
  • Maps Reports – see maps and reports including colocation providers, carriers offering dark fiber and/or lit networks in your areas of interest that meet your connectivity requirements
  • Enterprise Access — for larger organizations, give the power of FiberLocator data to multiple users in a cost-effective program which includes support and training
  • API — streamline your workflow by integrating FiberLocator data directly into your existing internal GIS based systems

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