Locate Carriers & Fiber Networks More Easily than Ever

FiberLocator® from NEF is your invaluable resource guide for developing a custom fiber network. Get maps along with consulting to help you maximize your communications ROI. NEF has developed one of the most comprehensive asset-based telecommunications databases in the industry encompassing nearly 300 facility-based carriers all over the country. We know where the networks are buried, and with FiberLocator, NEF can give you the most complete and up-to-date information on optical fiber networks.

FiberLocator offers detailed maps and recommendations as well as informative articles and diagrams on important aspects of dark fiber. Whether you’re just looking for maps or needing more descriptive information to maximize your communications investment, FiberLocator can identify the best provider(s) and network location(s) for your business. And because NEF is carrier-neutral, our primary goal is to help you identify and develop the optimal fiber network.

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FiberLocator is Where Network & Colo Decisions Start

FiberLocator Online Map ApplicationThe adoption of bandwidth intensive applications, the need for heightened network security, more strict compliance and regulatory requirements, and improved pricing and SLAs are just a few of the reasons today’s enterprise is constantly searching for the optimal fiber optic network and data center connectivity.

With FiberLocator, you get access to the most up-to-date, comprehensive GIS telecommunications database of network providers currently available. Rather than spending hours on research, calling numerous providers and chasing down information, you can make one call to NEF for detailed fiber optic maps and background.

NEF has spent  more than a decade gathering and verifying numerous high capacity optical fiber network maps, along with data centers, to deliver comprehensive maps, reports and intelligence centered on your requirements and key locations. Take a look at FiberLocator now.

Choose the data delivery method that best suits your project ranging from detailed maps to in-depth studies:

Since its inception, the FiberLocator database has excelled in mapping network assets by latitude and longitude down to the street level for nearly 300 carriers all over the US.  The FiberLocator mapping tool also makes connecting to a PoP, data center or business easier than ever by searching over 297,000 documented lit buildings and 4,100 data center locations.

Talk with us today to see how a FiberLocator report or feasibility study delivers the intelligence, network maps and provider information needed to deploy the optimal fiber optic network.