It’s always prudent before you get a quote for telecom services to make sure that the solution is the right fit for your requirements, budget and time frame. Also, it’s important to know if it is the best solution for the future of your business.  How do you wade through the volumes of options, information, and providers to find the right choices?

That’s the value of NEF’s consulting services and telecom reports. We work with you to assess your connectivity or colocation needs, develop an appropriate budget and scope for your project, and offer added intelligence on negotiating with equipment and network providers so that you get the optimal network or data center bandwidth solution.

Choose from report deliverables including…

  • Connectivity Reports
  • Market/Pricing Analysis
  • Latency Studies
  • Data Center Telecom Audits

While it’s easy to get lost in a sea of carrier salespeople whose job it is to represent their single solution — we’re on your side.  NEF is carrier-neutral, and our data is based on your requirements, not a specific carrier footprint. We offer reporting and analysis solutions designed to deliver information, research and background to enable smarter and more balanced decision making.

Request more information on NEF’s telecom reports or contact us to discuss your telecom and bandwidth strategy.