Managed or “lit” services may be right for you based on your budget, staff, bandwidth or other requirements. If you’re looking for optical network options, NEF gives you the power of choice by providing information, analysis and recommendations based on years of experience. We will take the time to understand your business needs and research the best available networks. We then present you with the most cost-effective, reliable bandwidth solutions in the market. You can choose from hundreds of carriers across the US providing lit services including…

  • Ethernet WANs
  • WDM metro networks
  • Long-haul WDM networks
  • MPLS networks
  • OCx transport networks

Most other telecommunications consultants simply go to the national carriers or local exchange carrier and request standard quotes which they pass along to you. NEF not only shows you options from the well-known carriers but also works with underlying fiber providers to determine which other carriers have network availability in your locations.  Once we identify the fiber providers, we can determine which carriers offer “lit” services and provide you a complete set of options, often below published rates.

Don’t just compare prices. Let NEF add value to your telecommunications investment.