With an increasing number of factors affecting critical business infrastructure, CIOs and IT management teams are looking to tap highly specialized and skilled resources to aid in optimizing their data environments and networks. Taking a proactive approach to mission critical data operations enables businesses to pace their technology and telecom growth—and more importantly to avert issues before they happen.

That’s where NEF comes in. NEF’s data center practice brings solutions encompassing the entire data center planning and implementation process. We work with clients to understand their existing framework as well as assess near-term and long-term requirements.

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Our process has been developed and optimized over thousands of projects ranging from single circuits to advanced fiber networks with multiple data center sites. Leverage our experience, provider relationships and proven processes on your next data center project.


As a result of numerous client engagements over the past decade, we have close relationships with all the standard providers as well as many of the smaller, lesser-known providers. The variety of vendors we continually vet, rate and utilize enables NEF to bring smarter solutions and better buying power than most single clients can get directly. Many clients are able to leverage our economies of scale to get preferred pricing/terms, efficient quoting, and optimal solutions without guesswork.

How can NEF work with you to achiever your near-term and long-term data center objectives? Contact us today to start a conversation.