Along with business growth comes questions and challenges on how best to evolve your network and IT environment. Rely on NEF’s team of experts to provide research, analysis and insights on your organization’s specific issues. Our consulting practice tackles key topics such as…

  • Where should we put our data center?
  • What are our telecom connectivity options and which is best?
  • We’re implementing new, bandwidth intensive applications; can our network support them?
  • What about cloud? How does our network and colo environment evolve?

NEF offers an array of comprehensive reports each tailored to address individual client goals. Clients can choose the most relevant deliverable from informative maps reports to detailed studies to get the information they need to make an informed decision regarding data centers, network connectivity, real estate purchases and more.

With experience and industry relationships that span decades in telecommunications, NEF leverages those strengths along with a suite of custom-built tools and painstakingly maintained databases to deliver unparalleled intelligence to clients. With inside knowledge of the latest network and data center property information, NEF is able to research and make recommendations that suit specific requirements and the nuances of a client’s particular situation. NEF can take the solution a step further and offer procurement and negotiation services as well.

Start with a conversation about your telecom/data center strategy today and discover how you can maximize your budget, services and IT environment.