NEF brokers data center colocation

For enterprises with dynamic IT environments, there’s no better way to become aware of all your options for data center space and telecom connectivity than working with NEF. With expertise in high bandwidth network design and deployment as well as data center considerations, we can work to develop multiple options, compare costs, and negotiate optimal terms to deliver your colocation or data center solution. NEF leverages long-standing relationships with data center providers to get responsive service and preferred pricing that is often unavailable to a single enterprise end user. Moreover, our niche expertise in telecom means you’ll get an integrated platform that ensures your data center decision and telecom needs align to deliver the total solution.

Make Informed Decisions on Sizable Data Center Investments

Data center decisions often require a sizable investment, considerable planning and long-term thinking. NEF represents thousands of data center facilities along with hundreds of standard and non-standard carriers across the US. Our sheer catalog of sites enables you to see a variety of options when making such a substantial decision. We go a step further by factoring in costs of space, power, additional services and telecom to give you a comparative view of key budget items. By working with our brokerage team, we’ll make sure you get both an apples-to-apples summary and the best background information to help you make the right data center decision.

Get started now! Take a moment to tell us about your upcoming data center project or talk with us about how to select your off-site colocation or data center environment.