Finding and implementing cost-effective, practical and even creative telecom/data center solutions for clients has always been at the heart of NEF. In fact, NEF was founded as a brokerage firm to represent the fiber assets of a Boston area utility company and, from the beginning, has helped enterprises deploy high capacity custom networks and dark fiber. With the proliferation of off-site data centers, NEF bolstered its staff and solution set to address the need for network+colo infrastructure making NEF one of the only brokerage firms with the unique expertise in integrated telecom and data center solutions.

What sets NEF apart from other brokerage firms is threefold: the level of expertise in high capacity network and data center infrastructure, the innovative suite of intelligence and mapping tools, and the key relationships and tribal knowledge spanning decades in the industry. With a keen understanding of the latest available networks, capacity and data center options, combined with an awareness of client requirements such as low latency, high availability, data centers, and BC/DR solutions, NEF provides value in a variety of projects from the implementation of a single office network to core backbone deployments for Fortune 500 companies.

More Than Cliches and Rhetoric

Everyone claims to “add value” and be a “true partner” — but what does that mean in a brokerage firm? For NEF, it’s about dispelling the myths about typical agents, middle men, and quote shops and instead communicating with our clients and providing well-researched and informed solutions. With that, we start by asking questions and understanding the underlying business drivers and organizational goals. This process of seeking first to understand enables us to be informed and proactive when researching options and presenting solutions. Our discovery process also allows us to gain insights on how your telecom network and data centers need to work together to serve the end purposes.

Learn how NEF can become your advocate in telecom and data center solutions. Contact us for a telecom account review or to plan your upcoming data center project.