Powerful Knowledge – Available Three Ways

NEF combines smart, savvy, well connected professionals and best-of-breed tools and data — you choose the delivery method.

NEF gives you the ability to tailor our services to best suit your business goals and personnel/team needs. You can utilize our research tools to gain information to design and procure your own networks. Or, if you’d like to off-load your telecom network or colocation project completely, NEF can handle your network and data center infrastructure needs from soup-to-nuts. Our consulting services give you the in-between choice of leveraging our expertise and your buying power. Consider your options…



Choose the NEF offering that is right for you based on a number of factors including…

  • Your goals — whether your organization is driven by controlling costs, increasing bandwidth, regulatory compliance or all of the above, NEF can start with your specific needs and work to implement the best data center and telecom solution.
  • Your team — we can be an invaluable “extra pair of hands” on your staff to do research, pull pricing, compare options, negotiate terms, are more.
  • Your budget — our relationships with carriers and data centers as well as the enormous IT spending power we have enables us to get preferred pricing for your project.
  • Your timing — if you need to deploy a telecom or data center solution quickly, we have the know-how and contacts to move on your project quickly.

Best part is that you craft the solution that fits your best interests, knowing that NEF can do as much or as little on your telecom or data center project as your business needs. Your needs are unique – so why settle for a one-size-fits-all telecom/data center option? Get the power of choice with NEF. Talk with us today about your upcoming project or begin with a no-obligation planning session.