Data Center Colocation Made Easy

The Shift Toward Data Center Colocation

Most businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain an on-site data center. The skyrocketing cost of space, the necessity of keeping multiple FTEs to manage the systems, along with building and upgrading the infrastructure required to support technology as well as power, cooling and security are onerous undertakings to say the least. And as budgets tighten, those making fiscal decisions are looking to move IT costs from capital expenses to operating expenses, and that means looking at data center colocation and outsourced IT services.

Data center colocation is critical for the business’s survival when key business and IT systems must run without interruption.  Business continuity and disaster recovery are offered as featured services options by most data center colocations. They understand on-site options lack the diversity, distance and redundancy requirements a data center colocation can offer.

But selecting the right colocation data center can be tough. Finding right match of infrastructure, services and location, especially at a cost that’s affordable, can turn into a full-time job itself.  Wouldn’t it be better if someone else did all the research for you, especially if they would do it for free?

NEF makes the process of selecting a data center colocation provider much easier because our FiberLocator can quickly identify the best choices for data centers that meet your unique needs.  We’ll work with you, itemizing the features and functions you truly need to keep your business running uninterrupted; in some cases, we can help eliminate extra bells and whistles that only increase costs.  Whether your “ideal” colocation data center needs to serve as a primary site or as a secondary data center for backup, we can help you source the provider and network connectivity that meet your requirements and budget.

We ask the critical questions necessary to choose the right colocation data center, such as:

  • Storage – How much do you need?
  • Security/Privacy – Is a private suite or cage necessary?
  • Bandwidth – What are your true requirements, with or without the bells and whistles?
  • Is Remote Hands functionality a requirement?
  • Is the added cost for Managed Services worth it for the additional functionality?
  • Accessibility: Do you need 24/7/365 access to your data center colocation?

NEF works with over a thousand data centers across the country, and is sure to have the right colocation center to meet your needs.  Starting the search process is easy: send us an email or start the search online with our FiberLocator system. You’ll instantly receive background information on colocation data centers in that area, and can quickly review features and locations. Then either select a few for a quick feature comparison, or call one of our highly trained Data Center Specialists at 877-353-4237. They’ll be happy to help you further explore the strengths of each location.

Once you’ve identified the best matches for your colocation requirements, NEF can even help you secure multiple quotes based upon your specific needs, again, at no cost to you.  What a great way to stretch your budget – having someone do the research and help you with the procurement process!  And if the facilities aren’t a match after all that screening, you are under no obligation to NEF.