Intelligent Acquisition Options for Long-term, Strategic Growth

If you are interested in building your business through acquisition, NEF’s buy-side representation is a flexible, dynamic and expedient way to identify relevant businesses and assets for sale. We have the established relationships necessary to provide you with real opportunities.

Types of Listings

Start by telling us about your business and what types of businesses you’re looking to acquire in our buy-side questionnaire. We can provide services encompassing the following business types:

  • Managed Services / Cloud
  • Existing Data Centers
  • Telecom Fiber Networks (metro or long-haul)
  • Duct or Conduit Systems

Why Use NEF Capital Advisors?

NEF Capital Advisors has a team of seasoned professionals whose expertise navigates you and your business through the myriad options in the market and streamlines the buying process. Our voluminous database and comprehensive market research match interested buyers directly with asset owners fitting their key buying criteria.

We’re frequently engaged to sell telecom, data center and cloud based businesses and assets, and we work with qualified buyers like you to determine whether it is beneficial to add existing operations or available assets to your business core.

Put us to work for you today. Talk with one of our advisors regarding your buying criteria now.