Fiber giant Zayo recently won a $16 million contract with a Tier 1 wireless operator. Coming on the heels of other recent fiber-to-the-tower (FTTT) investments, the deal will enhance Zayo’s footprint between on Colorado’s Front Range, adding over 120 route miles. Upon completion, Zayo’s fiber network will extend into new Colorado cities like Fort Collins, Greeley and Boulder.

Winning the contract underscores Zayo’s foothold on connectivity along the Front Range. They’ve already won a variety of fiber contracts with wireless operators in order to attract new customers. This new buildout will enable Zayo to serve a broader base of customers in the burgeoning Colorado Springs metro area. In addition to growing their wireless network through the deployment of centralized radio access networks (C-RANs), Zayo will team up with their wireless partner to provide quality, high-capacity and diverse connectivity to customers in the area.

For the wireless operator, the deal reflects ongoing efforts to improve the capacity and quality of their infrastructure while also growing their customer base. The Colorado Springs area boasts a number of potential customers for them, including military, defense and aerospace companies.


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