Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. was recently awarded a contract to expand its customer’s network to include 1,800 new cell sites across 26 U.S. markets. The contract is the largest Zayo has ever signed and enables the telecom giant to leverage its existing fiber-to-tower (FTT) networks in 20 markets.

According to Dan Caruso, Chairman and CEO of Zayo, the award results in numerous benefits for both Zayo and its customer. “Close collaboration between Zayo and our customer resulted in a solution that achieved a low price per site for our customer and strong financial outcome for Zayo,” Caruso said.

The expansion also helps Zayo grow its own network. As many as six Zayo markets will gain FTT via existing dense metro dark fiber, broadening Zayo’s own FTT network to include some 10,000 cell sites nationwide.

Read more about Zayo’s new contract in the full release here.

For Zayo, winning this record-setting mobile infrastructure contract underscores its position as a leading provider of bandwidth and connectivity, especially as the industry makes a push toward 5G networks. As small cell deployment becomes increasingly prevalent across urban and rural areas, carriers and service providers are challenged to upgrade their networks with the right cell technology. Zayo is leading the way as a solution provider that can deliver the types of high-capacity bandwidth and connectivity these customers need to create mobile infrastructures.

Agents and integrated solution providers also have the opportunity to take advantage of a broader suite of sales and quoting services thanks to Zayo’s  Tranzact platform and new Tranzact agent program. NEF was recently announced as one of Zayo’s key master agents, empowering partners with the support to quote deals faster and get paid on time.

For more information about Zayo’s partnership with NEF and how it can equip your company with a greater level of network services and support, contact NEF today.

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