It’s been a busy month for USA Fiber, a major provider of purpose-built dark fiber networks for enterprises. On October 1st, the company announced plans to develop a seven-mile core data center ring in Northern Virginia. The underground dark fiber ring will provide connectivity for as many as 35 data centers in the area, and the route will be comprised of multiple 864-count fiber rings.

USA Fiber followed up on October 13th by presenting a new dark fiber lease program for its seven-mile ring. The company will be offering a “Dark Fiber Peer” platform that “enables a 1-to-many ring drop architecture to access incremental data centers without needing to add additional pairs.” USA Fiber clients will pay a monthly fee for the ability to connect as many as 35 data centers along a single pair.

Then, on October 19th, USA Fiber announced it would be developing a new dark fiber build connecting Ashburn and Baltimore. The route will cross the Potomac River and circumvent Washington, D.C. altogether. The new build will help enterprises that want to avoid the Washington, D.C. market meet diversity and latency requirements.

USA Fiber highlighted the growth of the Ashburn, VA multi-tenant data center market, which has become the largest of its kind in the world. The provider appears invested in delivering services to clients with diverse needs in that market, and USA Fiber will be leveraging dark fiber – and its numerous benefits – to do so.

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