A little under a year ago, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd predicted that 80% of corporate IT infrastructures will have moved to cloud-focused data centers by 2025. Hurd elaborated: “You actually get more [with the cloud]. The environment’s more secure. It’s more reliable. It’s more extensible. It’s easier to use.” But how have his predictions held up so far?

According to Hurd, in addition to the continued growth of off-premise data centers, 80% of in-house IT budgets will be spent on innovating cloud services instead of traditional IT systems. These predictions, coming from one of the largest companies in the IaaS space,  indicate a major shift toward IT teams becoming a source of business growth, where they can proactively innovate internal processes to drive revenue.

Have Hurd’s Predictions Held Up?

According to the IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker, 2017 will see traditional, non-cloud infrastructure spending make up 57.1% of IT spending. This data shows that many businesses might still be holding reservations toward adopting cloud solutions. While there is still time for Hurd’s predictions to play out, a year after his enthusiastic claims haven’t yet seen a mass exodus to the cloud.

As more signs of adopting cloud-based data centers continue to surface (or don’t), evaluating current business requirements and adopting solutions that align with those requirements is essential. Regardless of enthusiastic industry predictions, having a holistic perspective on new solutions is much more impactful on a company’s bottom line. In order to gain critical insight, many companies turn to an experienced third-party resource like NEF that can consult and advise on choosing the right infrastructure solution.  To gain this insight from a third-party perspective, start a conversation with one of the experts at NEF today.


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