It’s not news that the cloud has evolved the ways companies approach their networks. In particular, many enterprises and SMBs are interested in accomplishing two goals with regard to their cloud-based infrastructure: establishing direct connections and lowering latency to their cloud applications.

While accomplishing these goals may seem like a no-brainer, it challenges companies to find better-performing, higher-quality Internet service that is competitively priced. Enter Boston-based network services provider TOWARDEX.

The third entry in our blog series evaluating today’s cloud connectivity market explores MASS IX, TOWARDEX’s Internet exchange solution.

What Is MASS IX?

From the beginning, TOWARDEX’s main goal has been to provide high-performance Internet connections to data centers. MASS IX is the current evolution of this principle. As Boston’s fastest-growing Internet exchange and peering platform, MASS IX enables companies to bypass their Internet transit to peer directly with content and cloud providers like Google Cloud Platform and AWS.

What Do Companies Get With MASS IX?

The rise of the cloud has seen many new interconnection and connectivity solutions hit the market, but two factors differentiate MASS IX from other options: accessibility and value.

Greater Accessibility

MASS IX brings cloud connections and regional ISPs together onto the same platform, ensuring companies get a greater ability to establish peering relationships, direct connections and interconnections to content providers and data centers. Offloading their traffic locally allows these companies to cut out the middle man (their ISP) and go straight to providers. The result is faster, more reliable and more cost-effective Internet connections that create a better user experience. Plus, MASS IX is available in over 12 data centers across Boston, making it a great option for small- and mid-market companies looking to improve network performance without taxing their budgets.

Increased Value of Network Assets

MASS IX helps companies make smarter use of their bandwidth investments. Understandably, companies approach their network services providers looking to get as much value as possible from their investments. By bundling their connectivity offering with ISP and direct connection ports, MASS IX helps companies cut the cost of IP transit and improve network performance by utilizing shorter routes to networks throughout New England.

MASS IX also helps save companies from prematurely upgrading their bandwidth. For some companies, a common reaction to running out of bandwidth is immediately upgrading their capacity. This is usually effective but not always necessary. MASS IX enables companies to offload their traffic locally, bypass ISPs and maintain their connections until a bandwidth upgrade is absolutely necessary.

MASS IX Benefits:

  • Greater accessibility to content and cloud providers
  • Improved network performance
  • Reduced cost of IP transit
  • Smarter usage of bandwidth

The best thing companies can do when approaching connectivity today is to be aware of their options. Faster, more cost-effective Internet service and low latency are at the top of most companies’ wish lists, but finding solutions that help accomplish those goals isn’t always a straightforward task. MASS IX may be local to New England, but as the area’s fastest-growing Internet exchange, it’s a viable option for companies looking to improve network performance, save on IP costs and make smarter use of their bandwidth.

For more information and insight into MASS IX and how it might benefit your network, connect with an NEF advisor today.


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