The adoption of enterprise cloud technology continues to grow. What’s more, improvements in cloud technology and competing providers in the IaaS space are reshaping the way companies consider cloud connectivity. One such provider changing how organizations connect to the cloud is Lightower. Lightower’s Cloud Connect service helps businesses adapt to the growing demand for high-performance networking by offering a variety of connectivity solutions that help companies unlock the potential of cloud computing.

In NEF’s second evaluation of today’s cloud connectivity market, we evaluate Lightower’s Cloud Connect. Cloud Connect offers all-fiber networking between an organization and major cloud providers including AWS and Microsoft Azure.  The three major cloud connectivity solutions Cloud Connect provides are:

  • Multiple fiber route options
  • Improved asset delivery
  • Flexible dedicated bandwidth options

Extensive Fiber Footprint

As cloud services become a critical part of business operations, high performance networking has become essential. To ensure the best connection possible for customers, Lightower leverages their extensive fiber footprint for optimal connections between companies and cloud service providers. With over 33,000 fiber route miles and over 22,000 service locations, Lightower’s fiber network is one of the most robust and extensive in North America. This means customers have more flexibility choosing how and where they connect to cloud service providers.

Going Beyond the Minimal Point of Entry

Most cloud connectivity providers offer connection at the minimum point of entry. For example, if an office is on the fourth floor, most providers will deliver the fiber to the first floor and leave it there. This requires the customer to install and connect the fiber assets themselves, often by hiring a separate team to manage the installation. Lightower, on the other hand, delivers the fiber circuits directly to a specific office suite. This guarantees a smooth deployment and reduces costs overall.

Flexible Speeds

Lightower’s all-fiber networking also offers a wide range of dedicated bandwidth for customers to choose from. Lightower offers myriad bandwidth options for private, public and hybrid services so businesses of all sizes can deploy a cloud computing infrastructure that is optimal for their business objectives. Lightower’s dedicated bandwidth comes between 50 Mbps and 10 Gbps via IP, Ethernet or Wavelength. Customers even have the option to choose connectivity with or without redundancy for a cloud-computing infrastructure that is crafted to align with any business objective.

As more businesses adopt cloud solutions, gaining optimal connectivity between the organization and cloud service providers is top of mind. Companies utilizing Lightower’s Cloud Connect benefit from an extensive fiber footprint, better fiber asset delivery, and all-fiber DIA connections.

For more information and insight into Cloud Connect and how it might benefit your network, connect with an NEF advisor today.

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