Leading fiber and networking solution provider Lightower Fiber Networks announced the availability of a new all-fiber crossing near Ashburn, VA. The route, located at the Potomac River, bypasses the dense Washington D.C. area, enabling customers with greater connectivity to data centers, service providers and cloud giants like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

The network addition is a strategic move by Lightower to extend its northeastern footprint and better serve northern Virginia. The provider already runs the geographically diverse Transcom route from New York City to Washington, D.C. The Potomac crossing acts a natural complement to this route, enabling Transcom users to tap in and capitalize on its diverse, low-latency connection to Virginia.

In a press release on the Lightower website, CTO Phil Olivero explained how the Potomac crossing underscores the provider’s relentless efforts to bring high-performance fiber solutions to underserved areas.

“This new Potomac River crossing was a complex project to build, and one that adds significant value for our customers with service locations in Ashburn,” Olivero said. “This route is perfect for groups looking to diversify their routes, gain latency advantages, and strategically bypass the D.C. area.”

In addition to gaining improved connectivity to northern Virginia, Lightower customers also benefit from an enhanced level of control and customization over their networks. Combining the new Potomac crossing with Lightower’s dense all-fiber network in Washington, D.C. gives customers the ability to tailor the geographic routes of their network to their exact specifications without losing access to the Ashburn area.

The Potomac River crossing is Lightower’s latest addition to its rapidly expanding network. Over the past seven years, Lightower has confidently expanded west across New England and into the Midwest. Recently, the provider also announced its southern expansion into North Carolina.

For more information on Lightower’s Potomac River crossing and network expansion strategy, read the full release.

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