Google started picking up massive amounts of dark fiber back in 2005, but what was it going to do with it? Conspiracy theories abounded over Google’s intended dark fiber use. The one that made the most sense was that Google was preparing additional infrastructure for its own use because it purchased enough dark fiber to provide high-bandwidth connectivity between its data centers. Another possible explanation was that Google was considering creation of a voice network that would help with call quality.

Five years later, we have our answer. Google purchased the dark fiber back in 2005 so that it can provide its own broadband Internet access. The company plans to accept responses to its request for information from communities and municipalities interested in participating in what it calls its “Google Fiber for Communities” venture.

Google claims it will provide 1-gigabit-per-second fiber-to-the-home connections, offering speeds that are 100 times better than that available to most Americans. Its stated purpose is to provide more people the opportunity to achieve greater success that requires faster Internet connections, try new methods for deploying fiber optic networks and to provide and “open access” network that makes multiple service providers available to those seeking high-speed Internet access.

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