COMPTEL, the competitive networks association, announced that it will expand its advocacy and outreach to a wider range of industry sectors. In the spirit of this evolution, COMPTEL has become INCOMPAS – The Future of Competition.

Presenting this eye-opening transformation at the COMPTEL PLUS Fall Expo, INCOMPAS announced they will continue to advocate on behalf of competition in the telecom carrier marketplace. This will help ensure enterprises have plenty of telecom carriers to choose from while designing networks.

Additionally, INCOMPAS will work on behalf of members in the following businesses:

  • Content providers
  • Social media leaders
  • Video providers
  • Internet companies
  • Internal leaders
  • Wireless companies
  • Venture capitalists
  • Start-ups

In the announcement, INCOMPAS referred to its involvement in recent policy victories – including the prevention of the Comcast–Time Warner Cable merger. INCOMPAS’s advocacy efforts will aim to keep business options open as companies search for best-fit solutions in a wide variety of technological areas.

NEF, partnered with INCOMPAS, offers both FiberLocator and consulting service discounts to INCOMPAS members. We help INCOMPAS members evaluate available IT solutions to find the best services for their business needs.

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