Colt Group is increasing its support of enterprises that are shifting to cloud-based technologies. The communications services provider has pledged sizable investments in order to focus on providing high-capacity bandwidth to customers across the globe.

These new investments go hand-in-hand with fresh appointments at the executive level. Among three new senior executive hires is former BT Global Services president of global banking and financial markets Tom Regent, who takes the role of chief commercial officer. Regent said Colt’s new strategy is an effort to meet global demands for high cap bandwidth.

“[Colt] is implementing a bold new strategy to tap into the demand for mission critical high bandwidth across Europe and Asia. I am excited to be part of the team that will drive this transformation,” he said.

Other executive hires include former Verizon executive Paula Coogan, who becomes Colt’s new vice president of enterprise and partner sales in Europe, and Level 3’s Tim Passingham as vice president of wholesale sales in Europe.

Learn more about Colt’s shift in strategy in the full article here.

Many enterprises are investing in cloud infrastructure and applications right now but find themselves with a more sophisticated set of network requirements. According to Colt CEO Carl Grivner, Colt’s shift toward high-cap bandwidth and three senior appointments are part of a larger effort to give these enterprises the level of personalized services, support and knowledge they need to capitalize on cloud-based solutions.

Colt’s new high-cap bandwidth strategy should be a vote of confidence to other service providers considering a similar shift in focus – and an eye-opener for those that aren’t. Enterprises are continuing to move their technologies to the cloud, providing telecom carriers numerous opportunities to grow their businesses and offer more value to their client bases.

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