According to the Cloud Security Alliance, IoT has opened the door to an unprecedented amount of security risks. The organization’s new report is CSA’s way of readying data centers and developers for the challenges to come. In the report, CSA outlines that some 50 billion devices will be connected by the year 2020, increasing pressure on enterprises to start safeguarding their solutions and data or face what CSA deems as “catastrophic” consequences.

IoT security preparations shouldn’t solely revolve around devices, either. The 2015 data breach of Toy giant VTech is a global example of how enterprises must take into account the security of their online services just as much as their device protection.

Luckily for data centers, CSA’s report offers a variety of considerations for securing systems.

Get all the considerations and download CSA’s full report here.

Some of the biggest threats to IoT security are also the most common. With the right tools, preparations and strategies, IT teams can safeguard their devices and systems from day one.

Here are a few ideas for helping IT overcome IoT security challenges:

  • Implement secure firmware and software updates immediately
  • Secure all interfaces with authentication measures
  • Safeguard mobile gateways, companion applications and field devices
  • Define a secure root of trust among all device root chains and private keys

IoT trends certainly aren’t slowing down, and along with concepts like network virtualization, cloud migration and factory vs. enablement costs, they present IT teams with a substantial number of boxes to check in terms of infrastructure optimization and network security. NEF has helped a number of enterprises align the disparate elements of their infrastructure while meeting the stringent security requirements of today’s evolving practices. Contact the team today to learn how we can help you.

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