2016 has been a year of considerable growth for the U.S. telecom industry. According to recent reports, stock prices are surging for a number of leading carriers, operators and service providers across the industry, and growth is expected to continue.

Here’s a breakdown of telecom’s stock growth in 2016:

  • 22% increase for four major national wireless carriers
  • 39% increase for five leading regional wireline operators
  • 47% increase for the top three TV operators

Growth across the industry has also brought a period of rapid change and evolution. Competition has sky-rocketed due to demands for content and applications, and carriers are responding with more affordable pricing. Wireless operators are increasingly at odds with multiple system operators (MSOs) and tech providers, and are looking to content to help differentiate their services from those of their competitors. Nevertheless, telecom technology continues to advance and is presenting massive opportunities for service providers to adapt their strategies in order to drive more business and revenue.

What Else Is on the Horizon for Telecom in 2016?

Wireless Networks

Spectrums have rapidly become one of the most highly coveted assets in telecom, with spectrum auctions being held by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in order to boost network capacity. A January 2015 auction even accumulated a groundbreaking $44.89 billion.


Thanks to 5G, the industry is poised to become faster, more efficient and more powerful. Researchers even predict 5G networks will accelerate download speeds to blistering 1 Gbps (gigabit per second).


The appeal of being able to seamlessly transfer data from device to device is driving massive spending across the industry. Spending on IoT is expected to reach nearly $357 billion in the U.S. by 2019

See what else to expect this year by checking out Nasdaq’s full report.

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