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Telecommunications Billing: The Story Behind Surcharges

Price compression and competition in the telecom market has created many opportunities for enterprises. Not only are telecom providers vying to provide the lowest prices possible, but they’re also working to improve bandwidth, latency and options to provide the best products on the market. But the drive to decrease costs …

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NEF Remembers Our Veterans on Memorial Day

On Memorial Day, we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom and protection of our great country. We’d also like to invite you to share with us in taking part in the National Moment of Remembrance at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day. We’re extremely proud …

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NEF Telecom Talk – Telecom Surcharges

  Topic: Telecom Surcharges Guest: Mike Murphy, CEO, NEF Overview: In today’s marketplace, it’s common practice for service providers to add telecom surcharges to recoup revenues lost due to stiff competition and pricing pressures. In this episode of Telecom Talk, we sit down with NEF CEO Mike Murphy to discuss the …

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Dark Fiber Is Making a Comeback – Was It Ever Really Gone?

Don’t call it a comeback – dark fiber’s been here for years. First there was a dark fiber glut. Then the glut was gone. Now dark fiber is back seemingly stronger than ever. What’s bringing dark fiber back to the forefront and how can enterprises capitalize? For the last few …

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Once You’re in the Cloud, How Expensive Is It to Get Out?

One of the cloud’s most oft-cited appeals is cost savings. Many enterprises are able to cut down their IT budget and gain flexibility by moving infrastructure, services and application development to the cloud. But there may come a time when things change. An enterprise could decide to change their IT …

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For Sale: Duct Network in Salt Lake City

We’re excited to present a duct network located in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. Composed of several distinct duct banks located along Bangerter Highway to the west and the south of Salt Lake City, the network is made up of ducts sized between 1 ¼” and 2”. The ownership …

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The $9,000 Per Minute Cost – Data Center Outages

It can be easy to overlook some enterprise IT statistics, but the average cost, the average loss, of a data center outage is too high to ignore. According to a research report by the Ponemon Institute, a data center outage now costs around $9,000 per minute. As if that weren’t …

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Verizon’s XO Acquisition: Wireless Spectrum & Level 3 Routes Key

Verizon Communications recently announced its acquisition of XO Communications, a Virginia-based telecom carrier, for around $1.8 billion. The deal, which is set to close during the first quarter of 2017, bolsters Verizon’s position as the premier ILEC in the eastern U.S. while simultaneously taking the market price “floor-maker” for long-haul …

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NEF Recap | Cloud Retractability

NEF’s Mike Murphy sits down with Jack Pressman of Cyber Innovation Labs to discuss why enterprises need to consider their cloud retractability strategy before moving importance resources into hosted spaces.