NEF works with providers of all sizes from national carriers to small local networks and single location data centers — and everything in between. Through our data, consulting or brokerage services, clients gain access to our wealth of vendor relationships for their research and projects. Our clients appreciate not only the quantity of our vendors but more importantly the quality of our relationships, often at the C-level, which gives our clients the responsiveness and creative solutions they couldn’t get on their own.

Vendors benefit from a quality partner like NEF that has clients and prospects looking for a niche product set involving high capacity optical networks and data centers. In addition, the knowledgeable professionals at NEF can speak to end users about smart, integrated solutions and bring only the best-fit options to providers for quote. If you’d like to work with NEF, please start by submitting your network maps and information or your data center specs.

Learn more about the telecom carriers we represent or our data center relationships today.