As Zayo’s footprint and product suite has grown, so has their need for knowledgeable and responsive resources to support their channel and the many agents interested in selling Zayo solutions. Enter NEF. NEF was chosen as one of a select group of master agents to support sales and quoting requests for Zayo.

As an agent or reseller, you gain many benefits of working with NEF on your Zayo opportunities.

  • Quote your deals faster and more accurately
  • Access support when you need it
  • Get paid on-time and with transparency

NEF has a long history designing and selling high cap optical solutions ranging from dark fiber, wavelengths, Ethernet and IP to colo and cloud solutions. Now, agents wanting to sell Zayo can leverage NEF’s deep knowledge and years of experience dating back to AboveNet to get a streamlined quoting process for high bandwidth networks as well as cloud and data center opportunities.

We’ve been agents ourselves for years – so we know how agents should be treated, including responsive quoting, timely payouts and clear commission statements. Talk with us to learn more about offering Zayo solutions today.

Start with a demo of Zayo’s new Tranzact platform and learn how NEF can streamline your Zayo deals.